Landing Page


Checkout Page

Membership Area

Auto Responder sequence

Funnel Flow 

1 - Visitor gets to the Landing Page from a post on your website that provides information about the course
2 - After clicking the buton on the landing page visitor is directed to the Checkout page
​3 - Visitor fills out the information before purchasing the course. If purchase is made he will be directed to the members' area, if not then you can connect to an email sequence for cart abandonment.
4 - Visitor is redirected to the Thank You page

Editing the Funnel

1 - Create an offer with your product
2 - Edit the pages with your own lead magnet, product offer, coupons, and checkout information
3 - Edit "legal pages" with your company information
​4 - Connect you email list to the form in your Optin Page
5 - Change the urls on the Optin Page
6 - On the PURCHASE NOW button, create an action directing user to your Checkout page you choose
7 - On the Checkout page insert your offer
8 - Configure the Thank You page as the destiny after purchase
9 - Connect a domain and publish it

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